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October 29, 2012



Turn and face the strange


Good Drop is evolving. There are a few reasons for this:


  • I no longer like the name. It was a hasty decision back when the blog was just used to keep track of what I was drinking.
  • I have more desire to write about beer, spirits, food, music and other things I love.
  • I’d like to share some photography and more about myself from time to time.

Alternative styles and varieties of wine will still be a primary feature. I’m still happy to look at submitted samples as before. If possible, I will port all my previous wine posts to the new site.

Craft beer and spirits such as Tequila, Gin and Whisk(e)y are something I love and, although my knowledge on such things is more limited, I still would like to share my thoughts and recommendations with any readers.

I’m pretty obsessed with music. I have an eclectic taste and love to introduce others to music that I dig. Since I haven’t DJed for a while, I need an outlet!

Even though I’m a fussy eater, cooking and eating are things I really enjoy. Indian food is a particular obsession.

Photography is a casual pastime that I partake in on those occasions when I remember to bring my camera. I like snapping bands, birds and abstract/surreal stuff.

Bear with me while I get the new site designed and thanks for the interest, comments, support and inspiration!



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